Why Montana?

image sampleWhy Montana? That’s an easy question to answer. Paradise Valley is center to many of Montana’s most popular activities and attractions.

Yellowstone National Park is just an hour drive south of close-by Livingston.Yellowstone is the epicenter of some of the most breathtaking views andvistas in the United States. The Park is home to its own very well known tourist site in Old Faithful, but there is so much more to this area. Witness the beauty of Lower Falls as the Yellowstone River tumbles its waythrough The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. Stop at Fishing Bridge or Lake Village to view one of the most beautiful alpine lakes in the world. Where’s the wildlife you ask? Drive through Hayden Valley to see the American Bison roam the plains muchas they did hundreds of years ago. Take a tour through Lamar Valley and visit the bison and elk, if you are extremely lucky you might see some wolves, or bighorn sheep. Get out and take a walk on one of the many geyser basins that scatter the park from Norris to West Thumb.

image sampleYellowstone is home to plenty of beauty, but beyond its borders there are whole other wonders to see. Northeast of the park is historic Cooke City, the majestic Beartooth Mountains, and the scenic Chief Joseph Scenic Byway which takes thevisitor on a historic tour to Cody, Wyoming. Drive east of the park and you will windup in Cody, where you can enjoy authentic cowboys competing in the Cody Rodeo. Grand Teton National Park is a short drive outside of the south entrance. Travel through the west entrance into West Yellowstone, a souvenir collector’s dream.

Though it would easily be enough, Yellowstone is not the only attraction our little slice of Montana has to offer. Take a tour of our local museums. Close by Livingston has several museums dedicated to the history of this area of Montana. The Museum of the Rockies, in Bozeman, has one of the largest dinosaur displays in the United States. West Yellowstone is home to the Grizzly Bear and Wolf Discovery Center, as well as an IMAX theater dedicated to Yellowstone and the surrounding area. Cody, WY boasts one of largest museums in the area, including authentic artifacts from Buffalo Bill Cody himself as well as one of the largest antique gun collections you will ever find. For those who have more time, drive south to Jackson Hole, WY, although you might need the whole day here to check out all the quaint little shops. No matter what you are looking for you can find it in or around Yellowstone.

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So you might be thinking that sightseeing and shopping are all that we have to offer. Well you would be wrong. Yellowstone Park, Paradise Valley, andGallatin Valley are home to some of the finest fly-fishing streams and rivers in all Montana. West Yellowstone and Cooke City are just two of the many excellent snowmobiling meccas in this area. Are you a hunter? Not to worry, this area of Montana has dozens of excellent outfitters and guides to make that dream bull elk a reality.

So why Montana? I think a better question would be why not?